Linda's Washing Line

20 Pieces of Mixed Used Ladies Underwear
!All prices are inclusive of postage and packing!

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Our Best Sellers
Parcel of Mixed Ladies Underwear from 29.50
Parcel of 20 Mixed Knickers from 29.50
Parcel of 10 Waist Slips from 29.50
Parcel of 10 Full Slips from 39.50
Parcel of 5 Full Bodysuits from 24.50
Parcel of 4 Panty Girdles from 24.50

Our New Items
Parcel of 5 control pants from 20.50
Parcel of 10 pairs of tights from 19.50
Parcel of 10 pairs stockings from 24.50
Parcel of 5 bras from 22.50
Special Offer Sample Parcel
from 24.50

Rough sorted to include: All as found, UNLAUNDERED
Mixed colours dependant on stock, all with signs of wear

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